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www.Cosmoetica.com debuted 1/9/01   Hits Tally Last Updated: 01/07/19 12:41:38 PM

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All Time Most Hit Web Pages, Monday, January 07, 2019 12:41:38 PM

Cinegreatfilms, 6/12/08 1,189.7m

A Defense Of It's A Wonderful Life, 12/25/05 256.4m total

The Dan Schneider Interview 21: Lem Dobbs, 1/25/10 223.3m total

Conspiracies That Parallax: JFK’s Assassination & UFO Alien Abductions, 12/21/03 1.5 first two weeks, 2.5m first 6 weeks, 202.2m total

Thoughts On the Planet Of The Apes, 1/17/08  182.1m total

Campaign 2008: What Was And What Will Be, 6/5/08  11.8m, 1st 2 mos., 153.1m total

The Dan Schneider Interview 4: Steven Pinker  8/25/07, 4.8m 1st month, 151.7m total

Iraq, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, And The Couch Potato's Burden: A Muscular Centrist Attack On The Pro-War Position, 2/25/05 2.5m first week, 7.5m first 6 weeks, 139.9m total

A Not So Odd Couple Of TV Classics, 11/29/02 200k first week, 138.5m total

DVD Review Of The Up Series, 1/6/06 1.1m, first 4 weeks,  136.3m total

The Dan Schneider Interview 8: Desmond Morris, 2/16/08, 126.8m total

The Prisoner's Dilemma Of Ambiguity, 3/3/02 350k first month, 125.6m total

The Coming Centrist Obama Presidency, 11/5/08, 10.3m 1st 3 mos., 122.1m total

DVD Review of The World At War, 7/26/06  800k first month, 121.8m total

Nowhere Man, A Tribute, 7/1/05 150k first week, 117.6m total

DVD Review Of Babes In Toyland, 11/24/06, 3.1m 1st month, 109.8m

Review Of One Man's Wilderness, by Sam Keith and Richard Proenneke, 1/1/05 25k first week, 107.8m total

DVD Review Of Santa Claus Conquers The Martians, 12/22/07 106.3m total

Dishonesty vs. Stupidity: Exposing The Dumbing Down Of Culture by Hacks, Flaks, And Apparatchiks, 12/4/06, 3.8m 1st month, 103.3m

The Anti-Spam Lies, 8/22/02 25k first week, 101.4m total

The Dan Schneider Interview 27: Larry Sanger, 2/9/11 24.5m first 6 mos., 96.3m total

Plagiarism, Clichés, Influence, And Google,  9/3/06, 4.3m first month, 95.6m total

The Death Of Roger Ebert, 4/30/13, 91.2m

DVD Review Of Why We Fight, by Frank Capra, 5/18/06 90.8m total

DVD Review of 49 Up, 12/31/06  86.7m total

Politics & Theory: Robinson Jeffers, & The Metric Fallacy, 4/7/01 85.8m total

The Dan Schneider Interview 10: Brad Steiger, 4/8/08 84.8m

Review Of The Stuff Of Thought, by Steven Pinker 7/13/07, 1.6m 1st month, 82.9m total

Review Of Mister Magoo’s Christmas Carol, 11/28/12, 82.6m

DVD Review of Robot Monster, 1/26/08 81.2m total

Rape And Revisionism In Soap Operas, 12/11/12, 80.1m

The Dan Schneider Interview 37: Howard Bloom, 8/20/12, 75.4m

Peaches, Tarpaper, & Stephen Jay Gould, 6/1/02 100k first month, 73.8m total

Shakespeare, Stevens, & The Problem With Greatness, 8/23/01 70.9m total

A DVD Review Of The God Who Wasn't There, 1/13/06 3.6 million, first 6 weeks, 70.1m total

The Jesus Myth, 12/30/03 1.4m first 5 weeks, 69.5m total

Good Faith, Stupidity And The Internet, Part 1: The Failure Of Dialectic, 7/26/08  68.3m

An Unfortunate Addendum: Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, And Racism In America, 11/27/05 600k first three weeks, 64.5m total

Oprah, We Media, Wikipedia, & Lowest Common Denominator Deliteracy, 2/2/06 63.5m total

The All-Too Familiar Arc Of Robert Bly, 2/5/01 61.9m total

Discursive Discontents, 1/8/05 1.1m first month, 61.4m total

The Illusion Of Success: Jesus, DSL, & The Democratic Soul, 11/13/04 800k 1st 2 weeks, 61.3m total

Good Faith, Stupidity, And The Internet, Part 6: Cults Of Personality (Part 2), 7/2/12 58.8m

Americancer: The Silly Anxieties of Harold Bloom, 1/27/01 58.5m total

Three Days At AWP, 3/12/06 56.1m

Dan Schneider: Neo-Nazi or Anti-Christ?, 7/22/05 200k first week, 55.3m total

The Atrophied American Imagination, 7/29/05 800k first week, 55.2m total

The Tug Of The Lowest Common Denominator: Wrestling, TV, Soaps, Psi, Pop Music, & More….1/23/02 300k first month, 54.8m total

Pop Media, Cock-Smoking, & Perspective, 7/14/02  52.2m total

Good Faith, Stupidity, And The Internet, Part 4: Cults Of Personality (Part 1), 7/15/10 52.1m total


On American Poetry Criticism; & Other Dastardly –Isms, PART 5: The APR Hoax: How Hoaxers Expose The True Fraud Of Artistic Arbiters, 12/28/01 50.8m total


The Real Scandal At The Virginia Quarterly Review, 9/23/10  48.5m total

Review of Jesse James: Last Rebel Of The Civil War, 12/30/05, 47.9m total

Foetry.com, Chatrooms, & The Decline Of Discourse, 11/14/04 46.2m total

Good Faith, Stupidity, And The Internet, Part 3: The Persistence Of Idiocy, 10/30/09 45.8m total

Good Faith, Stupidity And The Internet, Part 2: Dean Esmay, Sociopathy, And The Wasted Blogosphere, 1/24/09  44.7m total

On American Poetry Criticism; & Other Dastardly –Isms: PART 9: Sharon Olds' Orifices & The Inculcation Of Tedium, 4/9/02 43.8m total

This Old Poem #9: Charles Bukowski’s My First Affair With That Older Woman, 7/20/02 43.6m total

Whoops....They Did It Again!: The Deceitful High School Cowards & Liars of Web Del Sol & Their Growing Embarrassment & Shame, 9/10/03 42.7m total

Objectivity, Subjectivity, And The Fallacy Of Self Limits In The Arts, 8/12/10, 41.8m

On American Poetry Criticism; & Other Dastardly –Isms, PART 1: BR Myers, The Atlantic Monthly, & Molotov Cocktails, 9/27/01 41.5m total

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