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Memories Of Maggie

  Before I married my wife, Jessica, there was Betta, Clarissa, Kristin, Tricia, Anna, Rosy, Lily, Danielle, Lisa, and others. These were all the ‘artsy babes’ of my past, and each and every one of them had ‘issues.’ But, before any of them came into and left my existence, there was Maggie- Maggie, a wannabe writer. Her name was Maggie Estep (her Wikipedia page), and, if you’re reading this essay decades from the date it was written you will likely have no idea who this woman was, even if her writing remains archived in some forgotten corner of the collective human history, for her printed works will likely have long since moldered and come to dust. And that’s probably a good thing because the woman that was Maggie Estep was never the woman she could have been, the woman who might have been, back when I knew her, three decades ago, in the 1980s. Yes, that much can be said of anyone, but Maggie, while not blessed with remarkable writing talent, did have, in her youth, a lust for knowledge....

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by Alex Sheremet


Everyone has an opinion of Woody Allen, whether those opinions come from a learned perspective … or from the tabloids.

Welcome to Woody Allen: Reel to Real
the first of our DigiDialogues as a place and means to generate and further an electric ‘discourse’.

As with all future DigiDialogues, Woody Allen: Reel to Real is slated to be published as an eBook in the very near future with this accompanying website established to generate and aid in heated discussion on both Woody Allen’s body of work … as well as the critical debates that surround it ... with that full dialogue published in the eBook.





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Emancipate Emanuel: James Emanuel'’s Poetry And The Public Domain



Good Night, And Good Luck



Merry Christmas. Mr. Lawrence



Ten Tiny Love Stories



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James A. Emanuel's Legacy

Emancipate Emanuel: James Emanuel’s Poetry And The Public Domain

  It has been almost a year since the great American poet James Emanuel died. He had fallen to obscurity, after leaving the country for France decades earlier, with many of his works having gone out of print. In 2001, there were, other than my inclusion of some of his poems on Cosmoetica, literally just three links about him: a mention in a paragraph of a Poetry Society Of America essay, the text of his brief poem The Negro at a poetry website, and a long defunct Russian based website registered in his name and domain. Then I wrote the seminal essay that catalyzed what might be called his rescue. The Not So Strange Emanuel Case, which opened with these lines:

  In the annals of American poetry it is difficult to conceive of a more neglected great poet than James A. Emanuel. Born in 1921, I believe in Detroit, he has spent most of the last 2 decades apparently living in Paris, France. Words like believe & apparently are used because the truth of the matter is the man is almost a cipher.....

Praise for Cosmoetica


Dan Schneider's reviews have been excerpted for a blurb for Yale University Press and his analysis is referenced in the PBS series POV's brochure (p.26) on The Up Series.  His writing and criticism has been lauded in the mainstream and alternative press, nationally and internationally, in the Far East and the U.K, by diverse arts and film blogs and websites, as well as by America's most powerful critic, Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times and several television film review shows.


Film Reviews

Len's Den


Dan Schneider Reviews

the latest full season of 


Mad Men: Season 5


Just a week or two before AMC’s hit 1960s era soap opera, Mad Men, started its 6th season, its 5th season was finally released to stream on Netflix. While still a good show, in comparison to most of the dreck that fills the several hundred channels of relentless ‘content’ driven cable television, the 5th season was a definite drop in quality from the first four seasons. And nowhere is this more obvious than in the season’s first four anomic episodes. Literally, in these episodes, the characters just stand around and act like the caricatures they verge on becoming. The series drives on through the 1960s, but nothing really changes. Ad man Don Draper (really Dick Whitman- Jon Hamm) is still a selfish scumbag, his new wife Megan (Jessica Paré) is an artsy sort with no direction. His ex-wife, Betty Francis (January Jones) is still a fringing psychotic, who ignores her new and improved second husband, Henry (Christopher Stanley), a political operative for New York City Mayor John Lindsay. His two youngest children are ciphers, and his oldest daughter, Sally (Kiernan Shipka) is a spoiled brat....

The latest musings from Len Holman's corner of the Cosmos

Pesky Language

  Language can be a servant, a clarifier, a burden, a straitjacket, and/or a vehicle moving all of us toward solutions. The language surrounding the current influx of immigrants to the U.S. certainly moves us, but where?  Tens of thousands of Central Americans are fleeing the terror, crime, rape and general violence in their countries, crossing through Mexico and coming into the U.S., where they walk up to a border patrol agent and say, “You got us.” ....

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