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Dan Schneider's Review of Elmer Kelton's


The Time It Never Rained

  In looking over literature related to Texas, one naturally has to deal with the genre of western novels. With roots in the nickel and dime cowboy novels of the late 19th Century, the form only crystallized into something resembling literature with the early 20th Century release of Owen Wister’s classic and great novel, The Virginian. This book held such a power over the medium that many of its tale’s characters and tropes became staples of the genre it birth, with many lesser writers and tales running much of it into clichés, even as the original book stood tall against the works of a Zane Grey, Max Brand, Louis L’Amour and on through more modern Western writers whose works broke the genre ghetto and came to be considered literature first- think Larry McMurtry or Cormac McCarthy (for good or ill)....

Schneider Online


Stealing Sunrise



Stories We Tell



Who The F**k Is Arthur Fogel?



Legends Of the Knight



The Good Son



Human Lampshade: A Holocaust Mystery



La Dolce Vita



Beyond The Time Barrier






Roman Polanski: A Film Memoir

Book Reviews


by Alex Sheremet


Everyone has an opinion of Woody Allen, whether those opinions come from a learned perspective … or from the tabloids.

Welcome to Woody Allen: Reel to Real
the first of our DigiDialogues as a place and means to generate and further an electric ‘discourse’.

As with all future DigiDialogues, Woody Allen: Reel to Real is slated to be published as an eBook in the very near future with this accompanying website established to generate and aid in heated discussion on both Woody Allen’s body of work … as well as the critical debates that surround it ... with that full dialogue published in the eBook.


Dan Schneider Reviews

The Citizen Kane of Graphic Novels


  Two decades ago, I worked in the warehouse of a magazine distributorship. I worked ten hour days, with quite a bit of overtime, and still did not make all that much. In the course of the few years I worked there, I became much physically stronger, had a few brief flings with some of the women who worked in the front office (I was single in those years), and got reacquainted with comic books. As I was in my late 20s and early 30s, in those years, it had been well over a decade since I’d last read any comic book, and about 15 years since the only comic book I made a half-hearted attempt to collect, Marvel Comics’ Godzilla series, was canceled....

Tooth & Nail

Alex Sheremet takes on all comers!

Soylent Is A Dismal Art

    A few years ago, a new foodstuff called Soylent hit the market. It purports to be a meal replacer for people who, like me, hate the inconvenience of cooking (I do it every day anyway, the import of which will be apparent by essay’s end), or even eating, but wish to get what the human body needs without the typical sugar overload and poor, refined oils such things usually entail. To be sure, Rob Rhinehart, Soylent’s creator, is a tricky one. He initially tried to live on Soylent alone for a while, and survived the few months without issue, even submitting blood-work to show that was, indeed, possible....


Click here for the archived writings from Len's Den, the best political writings online, from Len Holman!


Film Reviews


Dan Schneider Reviews

budding greatness 




In the past when I have received invitations to review books or films of up and coming artists, I have had to make choices to ignore or reply, and usually the choice is easy, as almost all solicitations are for palpably bad books and films. The very emails, attached submissions, or film trailers, are so laughably bad I should not feel remorse, although I sometimes do, even though, because of these submissions, I have likely read more poetry and original poetry (however horrid) than any other five humans in history combined. On the film side, especially, I don’t even usually have to watch the trailer, as the very written film summary is that of a child’s fart. I simply have no interest in slasher nor horror films along the lines of The Human Centipede, especially those on a shoestring budget, and so I stay silent, as I do with 99.9% of solicitations or comments or trolling sent me. But, occasionally I get a solicitation for a film and director that shows promise....

Praise for Cosmoetica


 Dan Schneider's reviews have been excerpted for a blurb for Yale University Press and his analysis is referenced in the PBS series POV's brochure (p.26) on The Up Series.  His writing and criticism has been lauded in the mainstream and alternative press, nationally and internationally, in the Far East and the U.K, by diverse arts and film blogs and websites, as well as by America's most powerful critic, Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times and several television film review shows.


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